Oh God, 24 hours without Wikipedia?!

Jesus Christ and all his prophets, what am I to do?

When I type something in Google like, let’s say “Kofi Annan” or “music”, and I see the Wikipedia entry right on top, it makes me so happy. Then I go and click on it and there’s that blackout screen.

Oh Lord and Mohammed-Krishna-Buddha what am I to do?

With This Blackout, I Bet Even God Is Having Trouble Finding "Information"

I know, maybe I shouldn’t be such a lazy fucktwad and click on the very first link that promises me some relatively accurate version of the information I’m pretending to give a shit about finding.

Also, maybe I should reward websites that invest in layout and design and make some effort to pay their contributors in something more than unicorn farts.

Spending time on Wikipedia reminds me of the first time I ever saw the internet.


There are so many great websites out there that do a lot of things better than Wikipedia. Stop being such lazy fucktwads and spread the love.

Because, one day, when “the greatest encyclopedia in human history” turns evil, you will realize that you have built a monster.

Yes, you, you lazy bum-nugget.

In fact, lazy bum-nuggets are the people who are steadily growing the power of the internet monopolies.

Don’t be confused about that fact.

The Brow hath spoken.

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  1. mooselicker says:

    I wonder how everyone in high school is doing their reports today. I’m worried about them.

    Censorship issue aside, I wanted to let you know that someone searched “Katy Sagal Tots” to get to my amazing blog. Was this an act of censorship? Or was someone eager to see Katy’s children? Or did the “I” on their keyboard not work and they figured “Hey, let me try the letter O, that’s close enough.” We’ll never know. I’ll blame the government because that seems like an easy, faceless thing to do today.

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