Tracy Alvernon, stage name Kristal Blue, recently told her current mark, Mike Dugan, a 32 year-old political consultant, that she can’t wait to graduate from Arizona State University’s 2-year MBA program.

“After six years, I’m finally realizing my dream,” she said to Dugan as she sipped her fourth straight Whiskey Sour.

“Uh huh,” Dugan said.

“My real interest is in micro-finance, but I’m first going to get a job at one of the bigger corporations in town. Work that for a few years until my baby girl is in middle school.”

“Uh huh.”

“It’s tough in this economy. I was working as a paralegal last year. Then as an accountant’s secretary. But I just wasn’t making ends meet.”

“Sure,” Mike said, struggling to maintain focus as he caught a whiff of her peach-scented body spray.

“Yeah, cause it’s not like Baylee’s dad pitches in.”

“That must be tough.”

“Yeah. But that asshole’s dead.”

“What does he do?” Dugan asked, as he gently pulled the knot free on her bikini top.

“No I mean, he’s actually dead. I shot him.”


“It was in self-defense, though. He used to hit me.”


Stripper garb.

When asked later about his  thoughts on Ms. Blue’s having to work at a strip club to get by, even though she clearly had a smart head on her shoulders, Dugan replied: “Which one was she? Was she the one in the zebra or the leopard print? Oh the zebra print? Yeah she was great. I can’t believe she let me touch her cooter. Best ten bucks I ever spent.

“It’s true,” Ms. Blue replied in response to the accusation that she was also giving handjobs for thirty dollars.

“Look, being that I’ve studied accounting and am about to finish my MBA, I don’t think I need to explain to you that in a down economy, service rates plummet. I have to find a differentiator that’ll move product. Agreed, my pussy’s sweeter than a cloud full of honeycombs. But a superior product isn’t the only thing needed to compete effectively in the marketplace.”

When asked about her activities at the club, manager Dan Frasier commented: “Yeah. Tracy’s a real handful. But I keep her around. She tells the best stories. One week, she’s a nurse. The next week she’s an anthropology student. That girl will write a novel one day, you mark my words.”

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