T-22: Blog Control Bot - Sector Omega 31

In what many see as a last-ditch, desperate ploy to save the internet, a robot from the year 2037 has been sent back in time to help a novice writer give focus and clarity to his budding blog. T-22, a late model titanium composite humanoid, remarked: “Young talent unchecked or unguided can have negative outcomes for the species.”

After suddenly appearing next to a dumpster beside the last-remaining Barnes & Noble on the west coast, T-22 politely adjusted his bow-tie and proceeded to the nearest bus stop to catch the Blue Line west on Alameda Avenue.

The young writer, area twenty-something Joe Mancuso was at his girlfriend’s house furiously composing yet another rambling blog entry, this one tentatively titled “Kittens Have Claws Too.”

“Last month, he posted forty-seven entries,” added T-22. “This month, it will be 58. By the year 2015, he will be averaging 150 posts a month. Then, after inheriting some money, he will employ a team of college interns to write ‘in his voice’, though he will still not have received the kind of careful, wise mentorship that would have helped him define just exactly what that voice might be.”

“Without someone of normal disposition to give meaning and validity to his efforts, it’s entirely conceivable that Joe could continue doing this for the rest of his life, never fully aware of the tragedy of it all.”

Shuddering, T-22 adds: “Now, hold on. Yeah, I think I missed my stop. These L.A. bus routes get me every time.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone from the future sent me a letter they found in a landfill. They just wrote one word. “Huh?”

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