Rodney Farva carries a deep Browness within him.

Dear Friends of the Unibrow (can I call you my pallicles?):

The UniBrow was in Africa for the past two weeks getting in touch with his ancestral Browness. Hence the lack of posts.

While on this trip, an elephant trapped The Brow on a small dirt road, 4 miles from camp, just before sunset, appearing very eager to use the car for tusking and goring practice.

It was, by these people’s standards, a thoroughly dull and insignificant encounter.

Funny. The Brow was under the impression that the threat of being trampled by a musking bull elephant, having to crawl out of a mangled car and traverse 4 miles of raw African wilderness in the dark without so much as a compass or flashlight would count for something.

But here in Africa it’s just called livin’.

THAT is why Africa is the true Temple of The Brow.

Oh, and is it juvenile for The Brow to mention that the South Africans call the wilds “the bush”? The Brow spent much of his time trying to get South Africans to repeat “the bush” with varied other linguistic attachments, such as in:

Me: “What’s the best part about the bush?”

Woman: “When I’m in the bush, I feel so connected to my roots.”

Me: “How long before we get to the bush?”

Woman: “Oh, about twenty minutes.”

Me: “What’s one of the first things we’ll do in the bush?”

Woman: “That depends on what you prefer.”

Me: “I’m into whatever.”

Woman: “This bush has something for everyone.”

See? South Africans are great sports.

It’s good to be back in the saddle, blogging among my Browmates.

Scoot over.

Super Troopers is on.


Johnny Chimpo also loves going to the bush.

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